Hey y’all! Welcome to my blog, Seasons with Sarah. This small space on the internet is going to be me writing about whatever happens to be of import through the seasons. I have been blogging for over 7 years and recently closed down my other blog. I took a 3 month break, closed down everything, downloaded my blog in book format thanks to blog2print, and spent time deciding if it was something I really missed.

Turns out I did. I missed sharing about our life to those that wanted to know and follow. I don’t miss creating perfect images and being 10 steps ahead of the game or wanting to come up with something “new” to write. But hear me say that those things aren’t bad- because lots of other people do it well and I share those when I find them. It just wasn’t for me.  Basically, I’m just your traditional “mommy-blogger.”

We have a bit of a weird-nomadic life. My husband works at the state capitol in the greatest state of Texas, but only when the legislature is in session. So that means we move between out hometown and Austin, Texas, every other year. We rent new apartments each time, so things are always changing. Oh, we plan on homeschooling, and are slowly wading into that world.

My husband’s name is Jim and we have an son named Jacob. My story is that I grew up in that same hometown mentioned above, even went to college there, and am the oldest of eight siblings. My husband is an only child. We met at a mutual friend’s wedding in 2006 (even though we went to the same high school for a year) and married at the end of 2007. I could have never imagined this life I have now, but I’m super grateful to God for it because it has changed me in ways that I didn’t know need changing.


I’ll be writing about whatever seems important enough for me to spend some time sharing about. It will probably be a lot about motherhood, marriage, our faith, books, seasons, celebrations, and food. I also love to share awesome things I find on the internet.


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